British Embassy 2023

Friend’s of Christ’s Hospital was given the honour of attending a reception given at the British Ambassador’s residence in Washington, DC to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Mathematical School (RMS) embedded within CH on November 1st 2023.

The British Embassy in Washington celebrated this significant milestone in the history of CH, for two reasons. First, is the strong probability that many of the navigators on the ships bringing settlers to the New World had been trained at the RMS – between 1673 and 1887 just over 2,000 boys were trained at the school. Second, is that Professor Michael Mainelli, the first ever US-born Lord Mayor of London has chosen to highlight the Royal Mathematical School in his mayoralty through the creation of the Lord Mayor’s RMS Scholarship programme. You can learnmore by visiting the school’s website and searching for the 695th Lord Mayor’s Royal Mathematical School Scholarship Programme.

Tad Glenn, Chandley and Ken McDonald, Sr Grecian
Comparing yellow socks.
The Senior Grecian following his speech at the British Embassy.