Transatlantic Exchange Dinner – Baltimore, April 2019

The annual Transatlantic Exchange dinner was held, as always, at the Mount Vernon Club in Baltimore, hosted by FCH Board member Sally O’Brien (5s 1970-77). The guest speaker was Peter Flynn (ColB 1959-60) who went to CH as an English-Speaking Union exchange student for one year. In contrast to his prior experience at a New England prep school, Peter said he immediately felt at home at CH and thrived in a school environment that valued and nurtured his academic interests.
Peter described his time at CH quite passionately as a life-changing experience that propelled him to Harvard College and Yale Law School, and on to practice law in Chicago for about 30 years, before being appointed an Illinois Circuit Judge, for the last 20 years.
We also heard from the two CH exchange pupils, Amy Bloomfield-Proud, who continued the life changing theme of CH, and Daniel Onyango-Osuga, who amused us with his first impressions and false steps on arriving in America. Both spoke very well indeed and were a wonderful advertisement for the quality of pupils and education at CH.
Afterwards, Amy wrote that “living and experiencing life in America was such an eye-opening experience” and Daniel that “he was challenged to broaden his horizons and step out of his comfort zone”. Both expressed their gratitude to US Old Blues who made this exchange possible and wrote about bringing a new-found confidence and some new study habits back into their lives and classrooms at CH.

Left hand picture (L to R): John Cottage, Keith Worker, George Matcham, Roger Thomas

Right hand picture: (L to R) Peter Flynn, Ken McDonald, Daniel Onyango-Osuga (CH Exchange Student)